Licensing 101

What does it mean to “license” a clip?

Off the Fence represents hundreds of cinematographers, who each own copyright to their video clips. These artists have assigned Off the Fence the right to make agreements with producers to distribute video clips in their productions. The Off the Fence License Agreement defines the use of the video clip based on distribution methods, territory, and duration.

What Licenses are available?

Off the Fence offers clips that are either available with a Rights Managed or Royalty Free license. A Rights Managed license means that a clip is licensed for a single production or campaign and terms are specified for the use, distribution, territory, and duration. A Royalty Free license allows for a clip to be used by the licensee in unlimited productions, allowing for the use of the clip numerous times, without additional license fees.

What License is best for my production?

As each production is unique, it is good to understand license options, so that you are sure to get the distribution rights you require for your project. Off the Fence has standardized the use categories to fit the distribution of most productions. It is possible to secure only the rights you need for a project, and then upgrade a license if needed. However, for some projects it may be best to secure the broadest rights possible.

Why are only some clips offered as Royalty Free?

The cinematographer chooses whether a clip is offered as Royalty Free or Rights Managed.

If a clip is Royalty Free, do I need to pay a License fee?

Yes. A license fee is needed to access both Royalty Free and Right Managed clips.

Are the preview clips available for download with a watermark in the Public Domain?

No. The watermarked preview clips are available to download for Comping purposes only. This agreement allows you to use the clip for internal editing and testing purposes in your production. Learn more about the Off the Fence Comping License Agreement.

What should I expect to a pay for the use of a clip?

Rates vary from clip to clip based on use, distribution, duration, camera format, and rarity of footage. Accompanying each clip is a pricing calculator. Select the use category on the pricing calculator to determine the rate for a specific use. Learn more about Pricing.

Do I need to license a clip if it is for my own personal or academic project?

All of the clips available through Off the Fence require a license to use. In addition to our Royalty Free footage, which starts at $49, we also offer Rights Managed footage starting at $60 for Web/Display/Presentation use. This use allows for the distribution of a clip in personal websites or academic presentations. Learn more.

Does Off the Fence provide discounts to non-profits?

We are proud that Off the Fence clients include some of the most influential non-profits working toward the conservation and protection of the environment. Off the Fence provides a 10% donation to non-profits. Please contact a sales representative to learn more.

Does Off the Fence provide footage donations?

We frequently receive requests to donate footage. The agreement that we have with our cinematographers requires that we charge fair rates for their footage. These cinematographers work hard in the field, often under challenging conditions, using expensive equipment. While we are able to provide discounts under various circumstances, we are unable to provide footage for free.

If I order footage today, how soon can I have it?

The Off the Fence servers begin to move media to your account as soon as an order is placed. As clips vary in file size, this process can take several minutes to hours, depending on the size of the files. We use the fastest technology available to maximize bandwidth for upload and download. Off the Fence will notify you by email once a clip is available to download.

To get more answers to your questions, please check out our Licensing Guide.