Search Guide


Off The Fence allows you to make detailed searches to quickly find the exact shot you need. You can perform a Keyword Search and use the Search Filter to fine-tune your results.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search is the quickest way to search for the footage you need. From the Search Toolbar on the top of every page, enter keywords in the Keyword Search text box, and click ‘Search.’ If you are unsure of spelling, it is best to enter abbreviations or part of a word. For example, a search for keywords ‘ang fish’ will find clips containing ‘angler fish’ and ‘angel fish.’

To widen the search use ‘OR’ (all caps). For example a search for whale OR shark will find clips containing whales or sharks.

To narrow a search use ‘NOT’ (all caps). A search for keywords whale NOT shark will find clips containing whale but exclude shark.

To do an exact search use quotations “ “. A search for “whale shark” will find clips only with the exact phrase whale shark.

Search within Results

From the Search Results page, you can use the ‘Search Within Results’ field to search within your current found results. For example, using ‘Search Within Results’ you can add a new keyword to limit your current search results.

Preview Clips

From the Search Results page, click on the desired thumbnail to play a clip and view clip details in the Movie Popup window.

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